Grotech Turns Tap on to Water Treatment Contract

aerial view of Opole city sewage treatment plant

INNOVATION in packaging has helped us land a long term contract to export a water treatment solution to Scandinavia and reassured our customer that all their product will arrive.

They turned to Grotech Production after repeatedly losing product en route to its destination in Scandinavia. Looking for a long term solution to this and their mixing problems they came to Grotech Production and asked for a trial period.

The customer supplied us with the raw ingredients. Our first job was to sieve them to ensure any small particles, or even larger ones that had dropped in were removed.

We then mixed and packed the water treatment granules ready for shipping. Our export team are well versed in documentation to locations in all seven continents and had the bags ready for shipping when the customer asked us to devise another layer of security.

Our innovative packaging department found pallet collars that fit around the packaging and protect it against any splits particularly things like fork lift truck prods. All this and we still got the shipment to the docks in time.

Fulfilling this contract is bread and butter for Grotech Production. Our processes include everything from handling raw materials through to dispatching to their final destination, but when called on to innovate for customers we are able to call on our expertise and experience.

“Our customer was delighted with the way we treated their raw materials pre-production. Fine sieving is a core part of our service on this kind of contract. It enables us to ensure purity of ingredients and removes any waste that has found its way into sacks left in storage yards. Our customer was delighted and as a result we are now discussing additional products and services with them for future contracts.”

Because Grotech Production was able to deliver on time the end user was also thrilled with the consignment. “The feedback from the Scandinavian company was really positive,” said Stephen.

“They were delighted with the innovation that prevented them losing valuable stock.”

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