Grotech production in Speciality Chemicals Magazine

OFTEN referred to as God’s Own Country Yorkshire is also home to more than its fair share of chemical manufacturers.

Representing a vast array of disciplines many are focused on the agricultural sector, others are well known high street brands, but none provides a comprehensive service from product development to shelf like Grotech Production Ltd.

Speciality Chemical Magazine recently ran a feature on Yorkshire’s chemical industry and their first port of call was our Goole factory.

We were keen to point out that key attractions to the Yorkshire region for us were skilled people such as Thomas Grayson.

If you have ever had a bright idea but didn’t know how to get it from your grey matter into a saleable form then Thomas is your man. He researches, tests and develops products using his knowledge, skill and experience. As he pointed out to Sarah: “Customers come to us with a great idea and we make it into something marketable.”

While research is important to our offer we couldn’t function without the support of our admin team who can navigate the most complex shipping and transportation systems in the world to ensure customers’ products arrive at their intended destination in time and one piece, while our manufacturing team make sure that the products we make confirm to our Soil Association compliance.

“We like to see ourselves as innovators,” as Stephen Moore our Customer Relationship Manager explained: “Most of our work is contract manufacturing, but we think offering innovation is part of that service.”

Innovation is often assumed to be a new product but in the case of Grotech Production Ltd it can and often does include new ways of packaging or shipping.

Of course any editor worth her salt had to question the impact of Brexit on us and our MD, Martin Usher was honest. “The ramifications of recent political changes are difficult to predict, but I’m glad to be here. Yorkshire is a good place to do business.”

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