Grotech blooming great value for money

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Grotech Production Ltd has developed a reputation for being able to produce high quality horticultural and agricultural products for packaging by other companies.
A leading high street discounter came to us and asked if we could research, develop, pack and distribute a range for use by domestic gardeners.

They wanted a complete range of garden fertilisers that would compete with more expensve formulations on the market.
They wanted liquid fertilisers in bulk that they could bottle and retail affordably. It sounds simple enough but once you look beneath the surface the complexities emerge.

Our in house chemist, Thomas Grayson MChem knew he had to research and develop formulations that met the customer’s Nitrogen Phosphorus Potassium (NPK) values within their budget.

Once sourced we researched in our Goole laboratory, under strict hygiene conditions, and developed a number of blends which we then tested.

Our Challenges

  • Grotech faced three main challenges with this project:
    • ensure that the products remained stable in solution during their shelf life which could be anything up to two years.
    • there was no evidence of precipitation
    • the products delivered optimum nutrients for the gardener at an affordable yet reasonable price.

At the same time Grotech Production Ltd’s ethos is to ad value. To ensure we delivered on the customer’s brief Grotech Production Ltd undertook a lot of competitor research to ensure that the new products would be competitive both in price and nutritional value within the given market.

As part of our commitment to adding value Grotech Production Ltd suggested concentrated formulations to minimise packaging and transportation costs despite a number of changes to the brief during development.

Thanks to our experience, efficient system of research and development methods Grotech Production Ltd was able to supply to our customer on time and within budget. The customer was delighted. They were able to offer their consumers a range of high quality affordable garden fertilisers that helped their gardens bloom. They were assured that safety compliance was fulfilled and that they were doing their bit for the environment through concentrated formula.

The customer was so thrilled with the complete package from Grotech Production Ltd we are working with them on some household products for their all year round range.

If you would like to find out how we can research effective and competitive products for your consumers within a tight timeline then please contact us on: 01405 761746 or email

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