New Team Member at Grotech Production


We are delighted to announce a new team member here at Grotech Production – Rachael Jessop has joined us as Accounts Assistant.

Rachael, comes from a role at a management accountancy business providing bookkeeping services to their portfolio of clients. Rachael also has extensive experience in administration and sales whilst working with a national waste management company.

Outside work, Rachael enjoys reading and walking in the local countryside with her family.

Mark Eland, Finance Director at Grotech says Rachael has already slotted seamlessly into the team. “We have a large and varied client base at Grotech who rely on our bespoke sales and administration processes to help manage their own supply chain. Rachael will play a key role in supporting these existing services and her wealth of experience will help drive new initiatives for the benefit our customers”

To find out how Grotech Productions bespoke sales and administration processes can help your company,  call us on 01405 761746

Grotech Cleans up for Paving Company


GARDENING and cleaning products are bread and butter to Grotech Production Ltd, but one recent project really tested our ability to deliver on time in budget.

Doncaster based builder, Dave Moore had developed a new paving cleaner called Block Blitz in response to customer demand for a product that would keep their brand new drives always looking shiny.

Dave came up with the formulation for a bio degradeable, easy application cleaner made from plant extracts that didn’t contain resins or sealers. Calling it Block Blitz, he started small scale production and sold it to customers around Doncaster. He quickly realised he had a winner on his hands and started to look at a more commercial operation. For it to be a commercial success though, he knew it would have to be professionally manufactured, packaged and formulated and he would need to market it.

Glee is the UK’s premier gardening and leisure conference, attracting buyers from multiple chain and major independent garden centres. Dave booked a stand, then contacted us and set the clock ticking.

Time wasn’t the only thing going against Dave because when products are upscaled, they often demand different formulations, manufacturing methods and packaging. This is where Grotech Production Ltd really helped Block Blitz turn their idea into a commercial reality.

With our in-house team of chemists, compliance and packaging experts we were able to advise Dave
on the formulation.

Industrial production changes the way things react so Tom Grayson, our development manager, helped Dave with the formula so that it retained its unique features but became compatible with modern manufacturing. We also offered advice on the best method of packaging to use so that the product was easy to transport, merchandise and still attractive to consumers.

Almost ready to go and with the clock ticking ever faster towards Glee, our in-house Health & Safety team stepped in to make sure Block Blitz ticked all the compliance boxes. Once we had ticked all our boxes and were happy Block Blitz complied with our own strict standards we despatched it to Glee.

By the time the first delegates came through the door Dave and his stand were ready for anything. Sandwiched between some of the major players in the horticulture industry it was a tough call to attract the attention of leading garden centre owners looking for new products that would sell.

It would appear that our partnership really paid off and Block Blitz was a star of the show. It attracted both the attention of buyers and of the show judges who awarded it two prizes at Glee.

Block Blitz Glee award (2)

Now back in Doncaster following up his leads Dave Moore said: “The team at Grotech Production Ltd was really helpful from the first minute we went to them for advice to the time Block Blitz left their factory. Their knowledge was second to none on formulation, manufacturing, packaging and compliance. But importantly they managed to turn our project round to a tight timescale without compromising on quality in any department.

Many great ideas come unstuck when developers try to upscale their products. It is not simply a case of making more of the same. For commercial use you need to consider manufacturing processes, transportation, merchandising and consumer health and safety. Critically, to be commercially viable, products must be available when the consumer demand is at its greatest.

Grotech Production Ltd has more than 30 years experience and expertise of contract manufacturing and packing solutions. We understand the need to meet deadlines but we never compromise any other feature for the sake of being on time.

If you need help getting your product made on a tight deadline give our Goole team a call and we can chat about how we can help you as we helped Block Blitz. Call 01405 761746, or email