Strengthening the Team to Deliver for Customers

Grotech Production Ltd had a fantastic 2017 developing, manufacturing and packing more products for our diverse customer base.

Our growth can be accredited to the hard work and dedication the team here at Grotech have put into improving our service to customers.  To ensure that we can continue to deliver a First Class service to customers we have had a strategic change of personnel; appointing Steven Moore as Operations Director, Thomas Grayson as Technical Manager and Debbie Plumb as Sales and Marketing Manager.

Production Manager, Rebecca Beevers
Newly Appointed Production Manager, Rebecca Beevers

To support their work on the front line we have increased the scope of our personnel with the appointment of a new Production Manager, Rebecca Beevers.

Rebecca comes from a Food and Pet Production background where she developed systems and processes, and invested in skills for herself and her team.

Operations Director, Stephen Moore said: “Our customers have invested in us and deserve the very best.  By developing our own team, we improve the service to our customers and boost team morale, which improves performance. I’m looking forward to watching Rebecca continue to help our customers, by building on our strong performance foundations.”

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Top Team Grows at Grotech Production

It’s been all change within the management team here at Grotech Production Ltd recently with three strategic promotions designed to support our future growth and develop existing sales.

The promotions see Stephen Moore taking on the role of Operations Director while Debbie Plumb heads up sales and marketing and Tom Grayson becomes Technical Manager. We are also pleased to welcome a newcomer to the Grotech family in Janice Lawlor who joins us as Sales and Marketing Executive.

By focusing on our core strengths of manufacturing high quality products for customers efficiently and sustainably Grotech Production Ltd has seen significant growth in the last three years.

Stephen, Debbie and Tom are keen to build on this and take us to the next level by identifying new customers who need our experienced and expert research and development and appreciate the added value our factory can offer.

As Operations Director Stephen will be leading our drive towards leaner manufacturing and delivering more highly profitable research and development projects. He has a vast experience of operations in diverse sectors which has already helped us diversify beyond our traditional specialist agricultural and horticulture sectors into automotive and household goods. His experience in recognising the value of, and implementing, ISO quality standards also led to Grotech becoming the first contract manufacturer to achieve Soil Association accreditation.

Sales and Marketing Manager Debbie and Technical Manager Tom will focus on the company’s core strengths in research and development for businesses looking to bring a new product to market or trial small runs before launching full scale manufacturing themselves.

Having run her own business and worked in marketing, Debbie has a wealth of experience and expertise in sales to help grow the business organically and identify new customers who can benefit from our services while Tom will oversee research and development of new product ranges for customers.

Law graduate Janice further strengthens our sales and marketing team at a pivotal point in our development. She will be exploring and introducing new initiatives in a bid to help us grow and to help our customers navigate new legislation ahead of Brexit and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Do You Suffer From Packing Nightmares ?

Halloween 17

“It was Halloween, Mr. Jones sat in his office, with pulse racing, beads of sweat ran down his forehead, his eyes transfixed on the terrifying sight in front of him. What should he do, he couldn’t run, it would surely catch up with him, he couldn’t hide, it would find him. His only hope was to call for help, he mustered up all his courage, calmed his breathing and picked up the phone……….”


Are you looking at terrifyingly large piles of products waiting to be packed ? orders you cannot fulfil ?  customers chasing delivery dates ? Do you need a contract manufacturer to come to your rescue ?

At Grotech Production we are specialists in powder, granule and liquid blending and packing and can take your nightmare projects and turn them into products ready for delivery to your customers. From simple product filling to product blending or formulation, we’ve been helping our customers rid themselves of their nightmares for 40 years.

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halloween 17 40th

Award Winning Contract Manufacturer

At Grotech Production, the Goole based contract manufacturer and packer we are currently celebrating our 40th birthday.

In addition to our ruby anniversary, 2017 also saw us winning “The Rising Star Award” at the Humber Renewables Awards.

Humber Renewables Winner 2017

To celebrate this, we thought we would share with you some more award winners from the year we were founded, 1977.

Academy Awards Winners in 1977:

Best Picture: Annie Hall – Rollins-Joffe, United Artists
Best Director: Woody Allen – Annie Hall
Best Actor: Richard Dreyfuss – The Goodbye Girl
Best Actress: Diane Keaton – Annie Hall
Best Supporting Actor: Jason Robards – Julia
Best Supporting Actress: Vanessa Redgrave – Julia



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grotech-40-years (2)



Don’t Undersell Yourself !!


I’ve never considered myself a healthy eating expert but a recent exchange with an old friend convinced me that not only am I an ambassador for eating your five a day, but I make sure that people love their salads.

I don’t usually see it like that, but he did.

He asked me what Grotech Production Ltd actually does?

Grotech Production Ltd mix stuff and packs it. Simple, but true. What we actually are is a contract manufacturer and packer in the agrochemical industry.

Our customers include small entrepreneurs wanting to launch their product through to multi national corporations wanting a flexible manufacturing solution for new or run out products. In addition, Grotech Production Ltd offer formulation services to help develop a product, raw material and packaging sourcing and warehousing and distribution.

As my friend pointed out we don’t just mix stuff and pack it. We enable our customers to concentrate on selling their products without the hassle of making or packing it.

“In fact” he said. “You encourage me to eat more salads!”

I must have looked quizzically at him because he added: “You make the fertiliser and put it in a bottle so that your customer can get it to his garden centre in time for the tomato growing season. I then go to the garden centre and see a product that’s eye catching and at a good price, so I buy some and start growing my own tomatoes”.

“How does that help you love salad?” I ask. “Well” Jim replies, “You can’t beat a salad with fresh, home grown tomatoes, can you ?”.

A tenuous link or the true end value in what we do?

So when some else asks me what I do I’m going to tell them that I help to provide people with high quality, home grown produce and fall in love with gardening again !!

Thanks Jim.

Grotech Production is 40 Years Old !!

grotech-40-years (2)

At Grotech Production Limited we are celebrating our 40th birthday this year. As part of these celebrations, we thought that we would share with you the UK Top 10 best selling singles that were playing in our factory in 1977.

1 – Abba – Knowing Me, Knowing You
2 – David Soul – Don’t Give Up On Us
3 – Elvis Presley – Way Down
4 – Rod Stewart – I Don’t Want To Talk About It / First Cut Is The Deepest
5 – David Soul – Silver Lady
6 – Julie Covington – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
7 – Donna Summer – I Feel Love
8 – Brotherhood Of Man – Angelo
9 – Leo Sayer – When I Need You
10 – The Manhattan Transfer – Chanson D’Amour

How many of these do you remember ?


Grotech production in Speciality Chemicals Magazine

OFTEN referred to as God’s Own Country Yorkshire is also home to more than its fair share of chemical manufacturers.

Representing a vast array of disciplines many are focused on the agricultural sector, others are well known high street brands, but none provides a comprehensive service from product development to shelf like Grotech Production Ltd.

Speciality Chemical Magazine recently ran a feature on Yorkshire’s chemical industry and their first port of call was our Goole factory.

We were keen to point out that key attractions to the Yorkshire region for us were skilled people such as Thomas Grayson.

If you have ever had a bright idea but didn’t know how to get it from your grey matter into a saleable form then Thomas is your man. He researches, tests and develops products using his knowledge, skill and experience. As he pointed out to Sarah: “Customers come to us with a great idea and we make it into something marketable.”

While research is important to our offer we couldn’t function without the support of our admin team who can navigate the most complex shipping and transportation systems in the world to ensure customers’ products arrive at their intended destination in time and one piece, while our manufacturing team make sure that the products we make confirm to our Soil Association compliance.

“We like to see ourselves as innovators,” as Stephen Moore our Customer Relationship Manager explained: “Most of our work is contract manufacturing, but we think offering innovation is part of that service.”

Innovation is often assumed to be a new product but in the case of Grotech Production Ltd it can and often does include new ways of packaging or shipping.

Of course any editor worth her salt had to question the impact of Brexit on us and our MD, Martin Usher was honest. “The ramifications of recent political changes are difficult to predict, but I’m glad to be here. Yorkshire is a good place to do business.”

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Grotech Turns Tap on to Water Treatment Contract

aerial view of Opole city sewage treatment plant

INNOVATION in packaging has helped us land a long term contract to export a water treatment solution to Scandinavia and reassured our customer that all their product will arrive.

They turned to Grotech Production after repeatedly losing product en route to its destination in Scandinavia. Looking for a long term solution to this and their mixing problems they came to Grotech Production and asked for a trial period.

The customer supplied us with the raw ingredients. Our first job was to sieve them to ensure any small particles, or even larger ones that had dropped in were removed.

We then mixed and packed the water treatment granules ready for shipping. Our export team are well versed in documentation to locations in all seven continents and had the bags ready for shipping when the customer asked us to devise another layer of security.

Our innovative packaging department found pallet collars that fit around the packaging and protect it against any splits particularly things like fork lift truck prods. All this and we still got the shipment to the docks in time.

Fulfilling this contract is bread and butter for Grotech Production. Our processes include everything from handling raw materials through to dispatching to their final destination, but when called on to innovate for customers we are able to call on our expertise and experience.

“Our customer was delighted with the way we treated their raw materials pre-production. Fine sieving is a core part of our service on this kind of contract. It enables us to ensure purity of ingredients and removes any waste that has found its way into sacks left in storage yards. Our customer was delighted and as a result we are now discussing additional products and services with them for future contracts.”

Because Grotech Production was able to deliver on time the end user was also thrilled with the consignment. “The feedback from the Scandinavian company was really positive,” said Stephen.

“They were delighted with the innovation that prevented them losing valuable stock.”

Summer Blooms at Grotech Production

Grotech Wild Flowers June17 #1

At Grotech Production we don’t just care for our customers and staff, we care for our environment as well.

We thought we would share these pictures of our own wild flower “meadow” growing on our site.

It is reassuring to know that our environmental processes are working, but please don’t just take our word for it, Mother Nature herself is showing you !

Grotech Wild Flowers June17 #2

If you would like to know more about how Grotech Production’s “Flower Friendly Manufacturing” can help your business, call us today on +44 1405 761746 or click on the link below.